Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Out of the block early but lost the race

I started my day in good spirits, hopeful that I would stay on the wagon. The morning went well. I had an apple with 2 tbsp of crunchy peanut butter.

At mid morning I had 1.5 ounces of peanuts (great source of protein, but I think I should have passed the honey roasted ones for unsalted. I'm learning, though.) with a 16 oz coffee topped with half 'n half.

Then at late morning, we had a little work day pow-wow where they had a huge bowl of candy on the table just less than arms reach from me. After an hour I popped three hershey kisses and decided that would be my "chocolate treat" of the week. No more.

I brought a nice chef's salad for lunch, with vinaigrette dressing, no croutons. WW yogurt with fresh pineapple to finish and about 16 oz. of water. At my 2:oopm break I had a True Delights granola bar and more water.

Once I got home, things went downhill. I'm sure it was because I was dehydrated(I am not allowed to drink at my workstation and the store is extremely dry). I had the rest of my pico de gallo with tortilla chips, the crumbs on the bottom of the brownie pan, and about 12 cinnamon baking chips.

For dinner, I baked some fresh jumbo chicken wings (skins on... naughty, naughty) and served it with baked beans. I had 3 wings and about 1/2 c of beans. And nothing since.

The worst part is that I didn't exercise. But I pledge to do better tomorrow.

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  1. Have you heard of the Zone? I know, I know, who needs another diet, right? But it just made so much sense to me.
    Everytime you put anything in your mouth, it should be 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat. 40, 30, 30. Because if you eat too many carbs, or you're out of balance, your body thinks it's starving, and will retain as much fat as it can.
    Okay, I may not have that ALL right, but, I swear, I never felt better in my life.
    The actual diet is not easy to keep up with, but just knowing that you need some carbs, protein, and fat, anytime you eat ANYTHING, makes it pretty darned easy. I still do that.
    I just found out I have some osteoporosis and I'm not happy about it! I will exercise!
    I'm rootin' for ya!!!